The EMWG presented a performance on their recent instruments: Opus 4.nhmf-2016-01

Opus 4 (2016)

Janelle Walker and Hunter Takamya, performance
Nicholas Gragg, synthesis
Brandon Haefner, laser/camera interface
Thomas Goodman, live image manipulation
Traix Heiden, Sebastian Quesada, mixing/support
Dr. Charles Gran, director

EMWG was established in 2013 by Dr. Gran. From the beginning the main focus of the group has been to provide an interdisciplinary experience for students interested in programming and music. Most projects have focused on synthesis instruments for live performance with results presented at Student Research Conferences. In 2014 the Group collaborated with the 3D Fabrication Task Force lead by Prof. Lily M. Lee in the creation of sculptural hardware and fabric controllers. This afternoon’s performance includes technologies developed using the music programming languages Pure Data and ChucK.

This performance included work prepared for the 2016 Student Research Conference.

SRC 2016

Electronic music using Pure Data
Thomas M. Goodman*, Nicholas L. Gragg, Brandon W. Haefner, Trung B. Nguyen, and Matthew C. Jones
Dr. Charles Gran, Faculty Mentor

The Electronic Music Working Group will be presenting two unique instruments and a graphics environment using Pure Data. The EMWG explores the various ways to create and react to music by tracking motion, synthesizing music in various ways, and create graphics that react to the music being played. The overall goal is to combine all three of these projects into a single working instrument. The instrument will be played using computers, keyboards, a MIDI controller, a projector and a video camera. We plan to use some traditional techniques combined with some new ones to create a unique and interesting performance with the instrument created.

Keywords: Electronic music, Pure Data, Graphics, MIDI, Music Synthesis

Topic(s):Computer Science, Music. Presentation Type: Performance Art