The Electronic Music Working Group
Fall 2013 presentation
Friday, December 6, 4pm-5pm, OP 2115
Sensors! Sound! Linux! Python!
A Raspberry Pi!
Music . . . almost!


Colleagues, Students,

The EMWG will be giving their semesterly presentation of work in electronic music.

Some of you have seen these presentations before, this one is a little different.  We are working on a year-long project to create a physical object, an art object, that will produce sounds in reaction to triggered sensors (sounds like an instrument, but it is meant to be . . . something else).  This semester the students are doing the research and are programming a little computer called a Raspberry Pi which has been hooked up to several sensors.  There is still a lot to do, so the presentation will be more narrative than in the past, but should be fun nonetheless. (Next semester we will be collaborating with Lily Lee in Art and some of her students in the creation of the object–should be great!)

The EMWG are: Steven Goldberg, Zebadiah Yoko, Jonny Deneke, and Jesse Pasley.

OP 2115, Friday December 6 4p-5p.  (The last day of classes)

Hope to see you there,
Dr. Gran